JUNIOR This house Would Ban School Uniforms

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I am against banning uniforms.


First, I find a big issue in respect. Frequently, in schools, but more often in high schools we can find girls wearing showy clothes, such as short skirts or low cut shirts. Boys would rather wear low trousers showing their underwear. Both are inappropriate outfits that should not be allowed in schools. With uniforms, these garments would be replaced by respectful clothes.


Moreover, uniforms represent a financial remedy. The kids’ sense of fashion and need to fit with their classmates would make them always want new expensive and branded clothes. Then, they would abrade, fray, or simply get bored of them, and would need new ones, whereas a kid wearing uniform for school would only need informal clothes for the weekend. In the worse of the situations, they would buy an expensive uniform at the beginning of the year, but then would save a lot of money, as it will be useful for a long period of time.


As a young student, I can assure that uniforms would make a better day a day at schools. I study in a French high school, in which, as in almost every French school, we don't wear uniforms. Since I was very young, I worried every morning about what I was going to wear that day, so that my friends would like it, and no one would make fun of me. I was ashamed when my mother forced me to wear something I wouldn’t like, and had the fear of being judged by the others. Fortunately, I can't remember any situation in which someone had been mean to me for this matter, but I also know I am very lucky for that, as I have witnessed several times when classmates have been bullied for wearing a certain kind of clothes. Sometimes because they were too gaudy and others because it was just not-branded. And children get really affected for that. The worn of uniforms would solve this problem easily, as everyone would wear the same clothes, and the group would be more homogenous.

I totally agree with Belen Lassala.

School uniform is way of people showing respect. Wearing school uniform help people feel better, in other school the students are allowed to wear what ever they want, that makes other student feel bad. people who can afford high quality clothes wears them at school, where the other students feel poor that they can't afford the same quality clothes. wearing school uniforms makes people feel more academic and educational and equal.


For many years I wanted to be in a school were they wear school uniform, like the Japanese system. when I see how they are dressed in school uniforms, and they look so educational and academic. but wherer I go to school they just were public clothes. In School I have tried to combine my own clothes to make a educational and academic clothes. So I think other Schools in the world should consider dressing their students in School uniform  like the educational system in Japan. Japna show high quality in their School with the students wearing school uniform and they are cute. so Schools in other country should consider wearing School uniforms for the education and academic reason for the future of their Students

the girls should wear short or medium shorts maching with a shirt the website provide.

the guys should wear trouses with a tie and provided clothes on a website the school choses

i so totaly agree with her that all schools should not have school uniforms and have the kids express them selfs and have fun doing it

I agree with you Belen. I attended a school last year where we had to wear unifroms and transferred to a public school where you do not. In all honesty, I am in love with fashion and being able to express my self through what I wear. However, I extremely enjoyed waking up in the morning and just throwing on my uniform and saving an ideal amount of time shoveling through my clothes to find something to wear according to my schools dresscode. At the school I'm currently going to, my idea of comfortable clothing is leggings and a sweater, but they have a strict dress code that you can not wear these. Girls these days are wearing shorts that keep getting shorter and shorter as the years go on and more clothing that reveals you, because of this they gradually expand their dress code policies every year. Why keep adding more rules when you can simply inforce a uniform? Some girls become so insecure as to what others will think of what they are wearing. We need less focus on what you are wearing the next day and more focus on what you will be learning.

I am completely against this motion because of one simple reason, school going children have much better things to do than to worry about what they'll wear to school, so when there is a system which makes it compulsory to wear uniforms, doesnt it make things simpler for the kids?

I totally Agree with you sir, but did you know that there are other things to worry if you wearing uniforms is compulsory. First and last is that the children will use all of their clothes within the week for example, but if you are wearing uniforms you only have to change if it gets really dirty or smelly. 



This ban is not realistic or logical. It should be the school's decision whether or not to have their students dress in uniforms. There does not need to be one or the other-- i live in a place where many schools have uniforms and many schools do not.

I think uniforms are good because you save so much money. I went to a school with a uniform and had very few items of clothing- i did not need much. I transferred and now I go to a school where there is no uniform but there is a dress code. I have probably spent four times the amount of money on clothes than I did last year. Every teenager will do this, boys and girls alike. As trends change, so do the clothes you buy. Of course there will be people that don't care, but there are also people who do care about their clothes. These people will make efforts to go with trends or to express themselves through different styles and they will avoid repeating outfits very often. 

As for not being able to express yourself with a uniform, I do understand that argument and I think it is valid. Many people use clothes as a form of expression, and if the uniform school is strict with other aspects of self expression (like hair, nail polish, peircings, etc), I think it is right to not want a uniform. 

This ban, however, is for banning uniforms across the board. I think that is ridiculous, and I would judge that if one is feeling supressed or uninspired by their school uniform alone, there are other schools that will not make that person wear a uniform. It is not impossible to switch schools. Uniforms save money and they give the school a sense of unity and equality. Designer clothes do not show up in uniform schools, which I think is an added benefit. There are no labels and designer brands being flashed in the faces of classmates. In schools where there is no uniform, it is easy for students to flaunt their wealth, and I think that in an educational institution, that is innappropriate and rude. 

I am strongly against this movement and I think it could be refined to be more specific. 

I agree. Banning uniforms across the board is a bad idea. Whatever your opinion of uniforms, schools should be able to make their own choices on whether to have uniforms or not.

I believe more schools should be indoctornated in to wearing school uniforms. It is a sign of respect and pride for the school you go to showing you believe and are proud of where you learn. Furthermore can be helpful in a case of dire emergency such as if a student was to go missing, a uniform can help that student be found from a case as small to skipping school to as large as being kidnapped and easier to identify. Mostly i believe more schools should follow these rules is because school is a place where stress for many students can reach an all time high; without the added stress of thinking of what to wear for the day to come and how you may or may not be judged. students can be cruel at the best of times and if you stick out, bullying may occur; students acting this way is a sad fact but true. Students who all wear the same dress never have to worry about such stress and can focus more on the what they are going to school for in the first place, learning. 


To summerize, more schools should have school uniforms because of the help for identifying missing students,school pride and less day by day stress of deciding what to wear.

i agree with devin respect is one of the thing that most schools lack so then uniform help respect


I am strongly for school uniforms.

Saddly we have bullying, by getting rid of uniforms you open kids to more bullying. Kids that cannot afford or kids who can't get the hight of fashion.

People say that Uniforms are expensive but think about the cost of non-uniform. Kids would need expensive clothes like Hollister to keep up with the hight of fashion - its that or get bullied.

Even on non-school uniform days its a lot of pressure, you need to pick out clothes etc.

I suspect that non school uniform days add considerably to the pressure as it creates a sense of occasion. Everyone is going to be interested in what others are wearing on that particular day because it is inherent in having a single day that is for non-school uniforms. I therefore wonder whether the pressure would be as great if there are no school uniforms all the time (though I am sure that cumulatively throughout the year there would be more pressure than there is on this one day).

I agree with your point I'm a girl, we have school uniform and we dont care. Im in an all girl school and the presure of getting the right outfit is greater then any boy or adult can imagine. We just had a non-uniform day and there were the girl that you could see had spent alot of time getting ready, and alot of girls that didnt really care what they looked like but when the girls made comment then they cared. The uniform represents the school and if someone outside school sees them and likes the look of the pupils then they will hopefully send their child to that school. Then the school will get more money for better uniforms. When the school gets better uniforms there will NOT  really care what they are in because the uniform will be great!!!.


- no pressure to change your style or not wear trendy branded clothing.

- you can recognise which school someone is from so if they trample on your garden or fight you can get the principal to warn the kids.



religious dress - No, school is secular

uniforms often impractical or uncomfortable - not for me, i didnt wear a blazer

individuality and creativity should be encouraged - ineffective since choosing someone else's creation can be done by anyone.

The opinion on this question seems to be heavily weighted on the approval of uniforms in schools. I wanted to provide an opposing opinion, for your pleasure. 

I go to a school which strictly enforces uniforms. I can see the side of the argument in agreement with uniforms. Uniforms do promote equality and make it easier on those who would have a hard time living up to peer standards in the matter of apparel. They also rule out most issues concerning modesty. This is true.

The dress code in my school is as follows:

Girls: Kilt or khaki pants, navy blue or white short sleeved polo, navy blue cardigan (button up), sneakers or flats. (This is the extent of the allowed clothing, nothing else is allowed, coats, scarves, sweaters, boots, jewelry of any kind)

Boys: Khaki pants, navy blue or white short sleeved polo, navy blue cardigan, sneakers or flats.

The problems encountered with this dress code in my school is firstly, that none of the students agree with it and actively act out against it. If a student can get away with wearing something non-dresscode approved, they will. This creates problems, because instead of the uniform making things easier on everyone, it is in reality just a point of contention between the students and the teachers.

Another problem is the climate we live in, which is cold and has some pretty harsh winter. We aren't allowed to wear boots, although we are expected to wait outside in 0 degree weather for the bus, and walk through the snow to the school. Scarves, sweaters, jackets, and leggings are also not allowed, despite the fact that it is winter, and it is cold.

The main thing that I feel about the uniform is that in inhibites students from expressing themselves. This may seem like a weak argument, but learning how to express yourself is something that is really explored to its fullest in high school. Being forced to wear the same clothes every single day, without a choice in the matter, feels like a breach of freedom. There are arguments frequently about the strictness of it with teachers. Expressing yourself through your clothing and the way that you present yourself is a crucial part to figuring out who you are.

This isn't to say that there shouldn't be a dress code. I believe by all means that students should be expected to show up to school looking nice, and dressed appropriately. No cleavage, no rips, no sandals, no heels, no short short, no tank tops, no logos bigger than your hand or with any language on them. As long as students are looking nice and dressing appropriately, I think they should be able to choose the clothes they wear.

amurmer wrote:

Another problem is the climate we live in, which is cold and has some pretty harsh winter. We aren't allowed to wear boots, although we are expected to wait outside in 0 degree weather for the bus, and walk through the snow to the school. Scarves, sweaters, jackets, and leggings are also not allowed, despite the fact that it is winter, and it is cold.

Not being in school anymore this is not a debate that I have much stake in but I would like to point out that this is not a general problem with school uniforms but with your uniform in particular. Indeed I would be inclined to say this particular problem is a result of a lack of common sense not a school uniform policy! My school did have a school uniform but it did not stop us wearing our own coats, scarves (though they did have some that were in school colours we could buy but were not compulsory), and sweaters. If the school has a particular problem with you using your own of these kind of things in cold weather then they should have a particular style of coat/hat/scarfe etc as a part of the uniform.

As we all know, the purpose of school is to educate. True education does not seek to condition of institutionalism. It is about nurturing the ability to think critically.This is why I strongly believe that the process of education, in its true sense, can only occur when the learner is not subjected to irrelevant control measures. I have myself experienced of being in a school with a specified uniform and I would be hypocrisy to state that this enforcement of rules has improved  the educational and critical thinking skills of the students. And yes, maybe equality is not provided very well in some cases, but I believe that it can also prepare you for the real life where you will see people that will want to show off etc..

In conclusion, I agree with the idea that students SHOULD be able to express their individuality and personality in the environment they live in, and obviously at school too. The fact that school uniforms are also very expensive may be another reason for banning them.


I agree for banning uniforms..Lot of disadvantages will appear if we use uniform. I strongly believe that it'll be a big burden for some certain parents (with a low-economy class) .. Besides, wearing uniform or not will not determine whether the students will focus on studying or not .. It won't help the students for being smarter.. Because of giving nothing, I agree to ban uniform

We need to ban school uniforms cause I'm a kid and I hate school uniforms like come on people and the outfits kids pick by there self's it expresses who they are and people can relax in there own choice of clothes and uniforms are way to exspensive I want people to see who I am and I want to see there personality's too

i totally agree with this motion,it should be ban...discipline is not also pictured by school uniform

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