About Free Speech Debate

Free Speech Debate is a multilingual platform for the discussion of free expression in the age of the internet and mass migration. It is based at the University of Oxford. Ten draft principles for global free speech are offered, together with explanations, case studies and interviews - all up for debate. Individual users from across the world take part in the online discussion. You can propose new case studies and suggest revised or entirely new principles. Free Speech Debate is dedicated to expanding this vital discussion beyond the west and global north, into the east and south. The editorial content is translated into 13 languages, covering more than 80 percent of the world’s internet users, by native-speakers of those languages. The website is actively moderated by, and the original content generated by, an international team at Oxford University, working under the leadership of historian and journalist Timothy Garton Ash. 

Free Speech Debate has teamed up with IDEA to broaden the discussion. The introductory texts or case studies come from the freespeechdebate.com site, and you can view the subsequent discussion on them from the link at the end of that section. The texts of the arguments and counterarguments have been prepared by the editorial team of IDEA.  For the latest interviews, discussions and case studies, please visit FreeSpeechDebate.com. All content posted on this IDEA site is the exclusive responsibility of IDEA.

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